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  Professional and New Models Wanted - Real Modeling  
  I'm a Photographer looking for new models who want to pursue a serious modeling career. We've moved from L.A. to Reno I'm looking for great models to develop. We then use our website MOD.agency to present Models to fashion companies, productions, and magazines. I've taken the first photos of Models who have gone on to pretty successful modeling careers. Including magazines, major movies and TV. I prefer working with people who want to master the art of modeling, will work on their craft and understand what it takes to become a professional model. It's a lot more than just taking good photos! I'm offering one free studio photo session for anyone showing potential. I do "Rock Pinup Style" fashion, portraits, swimsuit and lingerie. I film female models age 18 and up. I also enjoy filming Models in their 30-40's for advertising type shoots. I would consider working with brand new models under 18 if accompanied by a parent. Sorry guys, I only film female fashion. Each Model will receive 10-20 edited photos with copyright to use in her portfolio. My home studio is in North Carson City. I shoot during the week. We can also do the Lake, Waterfalls, City Street, etc. But, it's smart to start with a "basics" session. If you show real potential I am willing to do 2-3 sessions. If you're out of the area let me know the next time you come up to Reno/Tahoe. I do travel to shoot in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, etc. Nudes are never required! This is serious modeling. And sorry, I don't accept Models with large full side, back, leg, neck tattoos. I've found these hurt careers. I try to create portfolios that meet "mainstream" standards. I'm not judging anyone out of modeling... just making a suggestion from 20 plus years in the biz for pro Models to keep their skin pristine... (I've had a couple Reno area Models rejected by major companies... I'm talking life changing modeling jobs) Sign up on www.MOD.agency and submit at least 3-5 recent photos. These can be casual photos, selfies are OK but must be recent. All photo shoots are done in accordance with the MOD Model Agreement. Photographer retains full rights. Models do get a percentage of any posters or other media sold. MOD is a mentor system. Not and agency so there is no exclusivity. It does not book Models and charges no fees. Models usually book themselves for gigs and having a portfolio where some of the "right people" will see it is very good. MTV, Paramount Studios, etc have found girls through MOD. Some local paying gigs do come to our Models and it's getting better here. PRO MODELS: I will also offer free sessions in trade to Models who want to keep their portfolio current. If we've shot together but we haven't shot in a while let's schedule an update/trade session. I also offer additional studio sessions in trade for the model appearing in one of my promo projects, poster sessions or music videos. I do these all the time. Reno FB Group: Reno Photographers and Models San Francisco FB Group: San Francisco Photographers and Models Sacramento FB Group: Sacramento Photographers and Models My website: www.RENO.photography Models Worldwide: www.MOD.agency * Fame comes from talent and effort. There is only one thing that is for sure... if you do nothing you will go nowhere. Models should do one thing every week to get seen, get ahead... We can help.  
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